New Year's Resolution Tips to Organize Your Home

New Year's Resolution Tips to Organize Your Home

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When it comes to making New Year's resolutions, getting organized and staying organized top many people's lists. It's no wonder why, considering belongings tend to pile up throughout the year as things are accumulated. By the end of the year, drawers are stuffed, shelves are overflowing and closets are packed. It can be overwhelming, but taking back control of the clutter is simple when you pixelate the big picture. As a rule of thumb, there is no limit to how many times you can break down a big task into smaller components. By ticking off each mini project from your to-do list, you'll gain the confidence and momentum to keep going. To help you make the most of your resolutions, here are a few tips to an organized new year.


Determine your trouble spot.

The first step to organizing your home in the new year is to figure out which area is most in need of a revamp. Ask yourself which room or region of a room is most often cluttered, disorganized and/or just generally untidy. Is it the kids' closet? The shoe cubby in the entryway? The cabinets in the garage? Once you decide which area needs the most targeted attention, you've established where to start your home organization.


Pick one task and focus.

Setting a New Year's resolution to get organized can seem like a monstrous task if you look at everything that needs to be done. Instead, break your organizational aspirations down into bite-size chunks. If your resolution is to finally turn the master closet into a functional, well-organized space, pare it down into a few separate steps:

Step 1: Sort clothing, shoes and accessories into keep, throw and donate piles. Place the items you use most often front and center in your closet. Less frequently worn items can be stored on the top shelves, in the corner space or in another closet.

Step 2: Arrange accessories. Add pull-out racks, baskets and drawer dividers to keep accessories organized, including belts, hats, jewelry and ties. 

Step 3: Get items, such as shoes and laundry, up off of the floor. Separate and arrange shoes on adjustable-height shoe shelves, and include a pull-out hamper in your closet system to keep laundry hidden for a clean and tidy appearance.


Put yourself on a timer.

Another way to break down your big resolutions into digestible portions is to use time to your advantage. Instead of saying you're going to revamp the entire laundry room right now, commit yourself to one hour of decluttering the cabinets holding soap and fabric softener. Next week, you can tackle arranging the laundry bins, and the following week can be spent clearing wall space to add more shelving. Set your timer and go!

By using these three tips when planning your New Year's resolutions, you'll be able to get organized and stay organized all year long.


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