4 Ways to Keep Your Linen Closet Organized

4 Ways to Keep Your Linen Closet Organized

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If your linen closet is like that of many homeowners, it’s a necessity that can sometimes be the source of irritation. It’s necessary because it houses your clean linens, towels and rags. It’s an irritation because it easily becomes the toughest closet to keep clean after family members rummage through it to find their favorite towel or a fresh set of sheets. Fortunately, there’s an easier way.


Part of the reason your linen closet can be so difficult to keep organized is that you might have too much stuff stored there. To ensure you can maintain tidiness, try to cut down on the clutter and focus instead on the essentials. When it comes to keeping your linen closet organized, all you need are these four tips.


1. Sort.

First thing’s first, you need to figure out what actually belongs in the linen closet. Remember, your linen closet is mainly for linens. Personal clothing belongs in bedroom closets; bathroom knick-knacks belong in the bathroom. That means you’ll want to clear the shelf you have dedicated to t-shirts as well as move the basket filled with toothpaste and razors.


2. Organize.

Once you’ve limited your linen closet to house only items like linens, bath towels, hand towels, washcloths and rags, it’s time to organize. Split your items into groups such as towels for each bathroom and bedding for each bedroom. From there, it’s time to decide on what you find most visually appealing. Would you like to sort the piles by size, room or type? This step depends on your personal preference, but it is essential to focus on just one method for organizing.


3. Prepare.

Running out of washcloths when you need one can be a pain, and it can lead others to ransack your linen closet in search of one. To prevent this, try to keep three sets of each item in your closet. That way, you’ll have one set you can use, one set ready to launder and one set waiting for you in the closet.


4. Don’t overdo it.

Being prepared is one thing, but hoarding extra sets of linens for no reason is another. Maintain a few sets of each item in the linen closet, but refrain from going overboard. If you keep buying new items without getting rid of old ones, your linen closet will become overstuffed fast. As a rule of thumb, if you get a new set of linens, it’s time to get rid of an old set.


A more organized linen closet is in your future! Use these four tips and your closet will be cleaner and easy to keep tidy.


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