Creating the Perfectly Organized Kitchen

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You spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen. From making breakfast and lunch to preparing dinner and doing dishes, your kitchen is a focal point in your home, which gives you a good reason to want to keep it well organized. The good news is, it doesn’t take much time to get the perfectly organized kitchen of your dreams. All you have to do is follow the simple steps below, and you’ll have a cleaner, well-arranged space in a jiffy.


The first thing to do when planning the perfectly organized kitchen is to de-clutter. That means you’re going to have to take everything out of the cabinets, drawers and – yes – even the refrigerator. Empty everything, and go through all you have. Get rid of the things you don’t use often (including those with expiration dates!), items that are duplicated and anything that’s broken (like chipped plates). The more you toss out in this phase, the easier it will be to rearrange the items you have left over.


Next, it’s time to come up with an idea of how you’d like to arrange your belongings. Consider how you’ll store different items. Would you prefer arranging by type of food (pastas, veggies, snacks, etc.) or cooking style (baking vs. cooking)? Just make sure you’re only choosing one method, as more than that can become confusing quickly. Settle on one sorting structure and proceed.


After you’ve done all this, it’s time to get started on creating a more comfortable, organized and presentable kitchen. Here are four pieces of advice to help you along the way.


Capitalize on shelf space.

Whether you’re opting for open shelves or closed cupboards, maximizing your shelf space can add a whole new dimension to your kitchen’s organization.


Open it up.

Cut clutter in half (or more!) when you opt to keep part of your kitchen counter clear. Simply having an open, unobstructed range of counter space goes a long way in keeping your kitchen perfectly organized. Not only will your kitchen look more organized, it will feel more organized.


Use the walls.

There’s an easier way to keep your space tidy than cramming everything you own in the drawers and cupboards in the kitchen. Take a look around your area and see how much wall space you have ready for use. Designate a spot, hang some hooks and suspend brooms, mops and dusters from them. If you’d like, you could even hang your apron!


Appreciate your containers.

When it comes to the perfectly organized kitchen, you can never have too many containers in which to store you belongings. This goes for the food in your pantry as well. Maintain a clutter-free space in no time when you add a few baskets to shelves for things like spices, pastas, snacks and other smaller items. To make it look more homey and presentable, opt for open wicker baskets instead of plastic bins.


Utilize these tips and a perfectly organized kitchen is well within your reach!


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