4 Quick-Fix Tips to Sell Your Home

4 Quick-Fix Tips to Sell Your Home

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Summer is the time when “For Sale” signs pop up in front yards and prospective homebuyers excitedly comb through the plethora of realty listings. If you’re selling your home or plan to do so soon, how do you know if your home has what it takes to appeal to buyers? Taking time to make a few simple updates to your home is an easy way to make your home stand out and show off its full potential. Here are four quick fixes that are sure to please homebuyers:


1. Declutter

When preparing your home for sale, decluttering isn’t limited to picking up items and putting them in their proper places; it’s also about removing anything that doesn’t lend itself to the overall design of the room. Precious heirlooms and knickknacks are beautiful to us because they’re personal, but they can distract a prospective buyer and take focus away from the room they’re in. Store these items safely away when showing your home, but do display a few carefully chosen, artfully arranged home décor accessories to keep things from looking sterile. 


2. Maximize Organization

According to Forbes , closets and storage spaces are one of the top things homebuyers are looking for. Even a big closet can seem small to a homebuyer if it’s not organized to its full potential. Tidy up your closets so they look their best. Trade a wire rack organizing system for one with a wood appearance to give closets the luxurious look buyers are after. 


3. Keep it Neutral

Neutral paint colors turn any room into a clean slate. Paint colors shouldn’t be too flashy, lest they turn off some buyers who aren’t able to picture their own color choices throughout the home. And don’t feel like you’re limited to beige tones when choosing neutral paint colors –these days grayish blues, soft greens, and creamy yellows are all considered the new “modern neutrals.”


4. Bring in Natural Light

Potential buyers won’t be able to tell how beautiful your home is if they can’t see it! Open up blinds and window treatments to let sunlight in and to show off how bright and inviting the rooms are. Replace dark, heavy curtains with light, airy ones to maximize natural light.


A few small changes are often all that’s needed to make your home stand out in the housing market. These updates, along with some general sprucing and cleaning, will be sure to have potential homebuyers talking – and offering – in no time!


Have you recently had success selling your home? What easy updates worked for you?


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Use our free, easy-to-use design tool to complete your design in minutes.



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