Where to Find Extra Storage In Your Home

Where to Find Extra Storage In Your Home

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Even when you try to keep your home well-organized sometimes belongings accumulate, things get shifted, and you feel like you need more room than you have. Although it may seem like there’s no space left in your home to store things, all you have to do is a little rearranging. Here are a few tips to utilize the area you have for extra storage.


Kid's Room

Getting ahead of the clutter with your littles has big pay off. A custom organizer adjusts to meet the storage needs of your child, resulting in a closet that grows with them. Start off with triple-hanging rods that maximize closet space sand store all their tiny t-shirts and more, then transition into double-hanging rods as they settle into their big kid clothes.

Primary Closet

From small children’s closets to walk-in closets in the primary bedroom, there’s always a way to use the space more efficiently for storage. For maximum organization, use the height, width and length of your closet. Hang bars at multiple levels to maximize height; place shoes on racks along the side of the closet to take advantage of the width; and install shelves above clothing to utilize length.


Instead of storing things on or near the floor, raise them up. Hanging open shelving in the laundry room can boost the storage capacity in the room as well as give you easy access to your belongings.


The pantry can be a hodgepodge of different belongings crammed into one space. To make it a little easier to find things as well as maximize storage, use specific drawers, cabinets and shelves for particular items. For example, place all the pots and pans in one cabinet instead of spreading them throughout the room.


Adding bins to the entryway is a great way to open up the space by opening up otherwise-taken hook and hanger real estate. Instead of hanging scarves and hats, why not place them in a bin? This will allow you to use hanging storage for larger, bulkier items such as jackets and bags. 


Maximizing the storage space you have in each room of your home doesn’t have to be difficult. Just one change or addition can do wonders!


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Use our free, easy-to-use design tool to complete your design in minutes.



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