Men's Closet Organization Tips

Men's Closet Organization Tips

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There are few places in a home that hold more of a man's personal belongings than his closet. Keeping the area tidy by storing belongings in a sophisticated arrangement can add personality to an often overlooked space. Bear in mind, organizing a man's closet requires a different approach than arranging one for a woman due to differences in attire - for example, men need a designated space for ties. Knowing that men have unique needs, here are six closet organization ideas to spruce up a man's space.


1. Hang an extra rod.

Take advantage of space for double hanging and install another hanging rod just below the lowest-hanging hem of the longest piece of clothing. Since men don't typically need long hanging (most often used for long formal dresses), men's closets have more opportunity for double hanging. By maximizing the use of the vertical space available, you'll increase the storage capacity of the closet and give the area an elegant, layered look.


2. Stay in shape.

Use shelving to store heavy sweaters and delicate items so they don't become misshapen from being suspended on a hanger. Even the best hangers can pull some fabrics out of form. Built-in shelving is a must-have in a man's closet as they can work wonders for maintaining the shape of an article of clothing.


3. Keep shoes organized.

Whether they admit it or not, men accumulate a lot of shoes. Dress shoes, running shoes, walk-around shoes, sandals, boots - the list goes on. Keep them off the floor to give any closet an instant upgrade. Store shoes on shelves to free up floor space and give the closet a polished look.


4. Use specialized storage.

A pant rack will maintain a sharp crease in your trousers and keep them neatly pressed. A pull out pant rack also insures that suit pants are hung far enough apart from each other so they don't become wrinkled.


5. Don't get tied up.

If you have a lot of ties, a slide-out tie rack is your friend. Keep ties neatly organized and hung up on this handy closet accessory. With the ties displayed on the tie rack, it's easy to compare them to outfits and select the perfect one.


6. Keep accessories safe.

Velvet jewelry trays aren't just for necklaces and earrings. Place a jewelry tray in a drawer in your closet to keep sunglasses, watches, and cufflinks safe and organized. You can also use this as a space to safely store your tech, like iPods and chargers.


It sometimes seems like the discussion around closets and closet organization centers around women and their wardrobes, but men still need a well-designed, organized place to call their own! Incorporating the closet storage tips above makes designing and arranging a man's closet easy.


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