7 Ways to Plan Ahead for the School Week

7 Ways to Plan Ahead for the School Week

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The busy, back-to-school, fall season is here and the "Ahh relax, it's summer" feeling has quickly been replaced with thoughts of "Ughh...how can I possibly get it all done?" Do you sometimes wonder how you are able to keep it all together managing a job, kids' school and sports activities, and not to mention keeping a clean and orderly home? It's a good thing some of us are good at multi-tasking.


If you're a parent with school-age kids, you probably agree that nothing is more stressful than getting the kids out the door in the morning. Need some ideas to help ease the morning chaos? The key is doing as much as possible the night before. We've collected some easy tips to help spare you the headaches and save you time.


1. Plan breakfast and pack snacks and lunches the night before.

Kids can share these responsibilities, too: setting the table, selecting breakfast, and packing their lunches (healthy choices, of course). Yes, you can make sandwiches the night before and they will be fresh the next day.


2. Always have clothes laid out before bedtime.

Select the socks and shoes also, so you won't have to worry about finding the missing match that is hiding in the closet. Do this even if your child wears a uniform.


3. Have an alarm clock in each kid's room and set their alarms for the times they want to get up.

If they run late, then move it up just a little the next morning until you find the perfect time. Granted, everything can get thrown off if your girl's hair is not cooperating.


4. Get the backpacks and coats ready and hang them on hooks by the front door.

They will be out of the way and easy for the kids to reach as they run out the door to the bus.


5. Establish a routine.

Reduce chaos by getting your kids in a regular routine of chores, homework, evening meals, and setting a bedtime. Make sure they get plenty of sleep so they're ready to learn each day.


6. Immediately post all family members' activities on a large calendar that is color-coded for each person.

Get in the habit of reading it every night before you go to bed - don't wait until the morning to see what the day looks like. Teach the kids check your family calendar every day.


7. Get up early and give yourself some quiet time before the crew awakes.

You can use this extra "me time" to exercise, watch the morning news, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee while planning and prioritizing your day.


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