5 Ways to Stay Organized During a Move

5 Ways to Stay Organized During a Move

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Moving into a new home has to be one of the most emotional experiences one can go through. The excitement of a new home, packaged together (pun intended) with the fear of change and the stress of packing and unpacking all of your possessions can make just about anyone's heart race. With so much to keep in order and account for during a move, being organized isn't an option - it's a necessity!


With that in mind, here are five of the suggestions to help you keep things in order.


1. Donate!

Moving is a prime time to donate belongings that you no longer use. You know all those boxes that you haven't opened since the last time you moved that have been hiding on a top shelf or in the corner of the basement? If you're not using those items now, you most likely won't use them later. Use great resources like Goodwill to keep your moving expenses down and to avoid moving items you don't really need.


2. Pack ahead.

Anything you can pack ahead will save you valuable time. If you're moving during the summer months, pack up all of your winter coats, long sleeves shirts and pants in advance. Think about the things that you won't need in the house the last few days you are there. You probably won't need multiple televisions, extra toiletries, or four bags of dog food. Try to pare down your belongings to the bare essentials to make moving day much easier.


3. Utilize wardrobe boxes.

If you have enough space in your vehicle, wardrobe boxes are great for transporting hanging clothes. They not only save the time and hassle of having to fold every piece of clothing you have, but often times can be returned to the moving company as long as they remain in good condition.


4. Color coordinate boxes by room.

Color coordinating boxes by room can be a huge time and stress saver. Choose a color for each room in your new home (green for kitchen, blue for master bedroom, etc.) and label each outgoing box with the color for the proposed location in your new home. It will not only save you time, but will also save any movers, friends, and family from asking you, "Where would you like this" every time they bring a box into your home.


5. Use your luggage.

Save space by filling your luggage with clothes, towels, and other belongings that would only take up more boxes. You can apply this same logic to many other items such as waste baskets and hampers. Don't leave them empty; fill them up prior to moving!


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