How to Love Your Home All Year Long

How to Love Your Home All Year Long

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Love is in the air - love for your home, that is. Organizing with the entire year in mind makes seasonal transitions smoother, and makes it easy for you to love your home no matter the season.

When it comes to loving your home all year long, versatile storage is key. A few main areas to consider when organizing your home to be functional and efficient all year:



  • Closets can be easily overrun with out-of-season clothes that take up space and aren't wearable at the moment. Rotating your wardrobe with the season keeps clothing organized and gives your closet some space to breathe. Consider storing off-season clothing in built-in drawers, or sectioning off a spot in your closet for clothing you're not wearing right now.
  • Properly store in-season clothes to keep them looking great year-round. Store sweaters in baskets or folded on shelves, not hung on hangers, to keep them from stretching and wearing out.



  • Designating a place by the door for snowy boots and wet coats eliminates mud and water tracked through the house. A coat closet keeps everything in its place so coats aren't flung over chairs and boots aren't strewn across the floor.
  • Always be prepared for the weather when you head out the door by keeping all of your weather essentials in the entryway. Hats, gloves, scarves, umbrellas, and sunglasses should all be stored near the door so they're always close by when you need them. You'll save time by not having to search the house for that needed item after you realize the weatherman was wrong this morning.


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  • Divide garage cabinets into sections for a simple but effective way to organize seasonal garage items. Have a spring/summer section for gardening supplies and a winter section for driveway salt and winter sports gear.
  • Make tools and yard equipment easier to find by making them visible. Instead of stashing rakes and shovels in a shed or lumping them together in a closet, hang them up on a storewall so they're easy to reach. When the first big snow hits you'll know exactly where the snow shovel is.


When you organize with every part of the year in mind it's easy love where you live. Show your home some love this year with these simple home organizing ideas and you'll stay in love year-round.


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