Quick Start Guide to Installing Your Organization Solution


Before Your Organization Solution Arrives:


  • Remove old storage material
  • Note stud locations
  • Patch and paint walls
  • Confirm wall dimensions

Note: If you discover metal studs, masonry walls, or some other non-standard situation, call Customer Service at 800-218-2492 for guidance.


  • Review your designs
  • Review complete 
  • Gather required tools

When Your Organization Solution Arrives


  • Locate and open all boxes labeled "Open First." Your design plans and hardware are enclosed.
  • Review the instructions enclosed in "Open First" box or sent to you by e-mail.


  • Inspect contents in boxes and take inventory.
  • Unpack each box and check the parts off on the packing list.
  • Sort parts according to type and size.
  • Report damaged items for timely replacement.

Why take inventory?

It will help you:

  1. become familiar with the parts and locate them quickly
  2. understand the instructions better
  3. organize everything to speed your installation