Designing 101: Starting a Design




What you learned:

Getting Started

  • Click “Enter Your Dimensions” after selecting your area of the home and closet type (walk-in or reach-in).
  • Choose the layout that best matches your space on the left side of the “Start Designing Your Space” screen.
  • Use the doorway as your reference point and work clockwise around the room entering in the measurements of each wall. Be sure to take note of our helpful measuring tips.
  • Click “Save & Continue.”


Adding Organization Areas to Your Space:

  • Now, it’s time to indicate where in your space you would like to add storage areas.
  • On the layout screen, you will choose where you want product to appear. An “Area” indicates where you would like to install EasyClosets product.
  • Click the plus sign next to the wall you’d like to organize.
  • “Top Shelf Height” is the distance between the top edge of the material to the floor. It is recommended to allow at least 12” above and below your installed system.
  • Select “Auto-Fill Areas” to bring product into your design.
  • Now, click “Save & Close.”
  • You are now free to personalize your EasyClosets system.