Essential Elements of an Organized Garage

Essential Elements of an Organized Garage

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Garages are generally used as a place to store catch-all items that don't fit inside and for those that are best left out. While it's easy for this space to become unsystematic or even chaotic, it can be just as simple to restore organization. Last week we told you our picks for the best upgrades you can do in your garage, one of which was better storage. Here are our five essential organizing and storage elements we think every garage needs:


1. Shelving for smaller items.

Use wall space by installing shelving units over workbenches to hold small tools, electrical supplies, cleaning products and paint. Helpful hint: When storing small, metal tools, such as screwdrivers and wrenches, install a magnetic strip along the wall between shelving units to hold the tools in place and maximize storage space.


2. Cabinets for collections of items.

When you have a group of things that belong together, like camping gear or sporting equipment, cabinets are ideal for keeping everything gathered in one spot. Store balls, baseball bats and helmets in cabinetry near the garage's entrance to the house for easy access to summer fun.


3. Bins for seasonal items.

Outdoor toys, including summer beach pails and winter sleds, don't need to be readily available the entire year. Even during the off-season, keep the items organized by stowing them in containers and placing them on or under shelving units.


4. Hanging storage for larger items.

Some things in your garage are either too big or too unwieldy to place in any of the above organization systems. Wall organizers and hooks are perfect for belongings such as bikes, ladders and rakes. Removing them from the floor gives the garage a cleaner, more organized look and feel.


5. Lofted storage for the largest items of all.

When you have possessions that won't fit anywhere else, storing them above you can be a great option. Skis, canoes, patio furniture and lumber are ideal candidates for lofting since they are generally too bulky to arrange neatly on the garage's floor.


These essential elements of an organized garage are simple to employ and will quickly and easily take your garage from an unruly assortment of objects to a perfectly functional storage space.


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