1. Transition

A natural place to set bags, hang jackets or sit down to put on or take off your shoes on your way in or out the door.

2. Need It Now

Quick, easy access to frequently used items such as dog food, soft drinks, canned goods, recyclables or any kind of household overflow.

3. Long, Tall, Thin Storage

A convenient home for seasonal supplies and yard tools like shovels and clippers, just steps away from where you use them.

4. Large Item Storage

Higher elevation storage keeps large, seldom-used items such as coolers, camping gear and holiday decor out of the way.

5. Frequently Used Items

A grab-and-go zone for easy access to often-used items like brooms, rakes, bird food and active gear.

6. Workspace

Your place to escape and focus on activities you love, complete with creature comforts to enhance the experience.