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An Urban Renovation with Nicole Feliciano – Part 2

2013 Total Home Tour

This post is a part of our Total Home Tour.

When we first introduced you to Nicole Feliciano, she shared with us the challenges of getting and staying organized in New York City, where even spacious apartments like Nicole’s are extremely short on storage spaces. Nicole realized her key to success would be to create custom organization solutions designed with smart storage in mind. For each space, that meant understanding what items need to stay and go, and how items are really used by her family. 

With EasyClosets, Nicole’s pantry, master closet and both daughters’ closets are now transformed with thoughtful designs that mesh perfectly with this modern family’s lifestyle. Open shelving with slide-out accessories in the pantry now make it easy to view and access what’s on hand and prevent food items from becoming lost or forgotten at the back of the space. In the closets, custom configurations keep clothing and accessories in plain view and right at hand, and also allow for rearranging as each family member’s needs or preferences change.  

See more about Nicole’s journey as she organizes her urban space:

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