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Spring Cleaning Basics: Creating an Enchanting Entryway

It’s officially spring, and our month-long series on spring cleaning basics continues with a deep dive into the entryway.   As the gateway to your home, the entryway is the first part of the house your visitors see when they cross the threshold.  We’re offering these helpful spring cleaning tips to freshen up this important space for a clean, inviting area that always leaves the perfect first impression.

Clean sweep. Move rugs and furniture out of the entryway so the floor is clear. Shake rugs and welcome mats outside to expel dirt and dust; then hang in the fresh air. Run a duster over the tops of ceiling fans, doors and light fixtures. 

Fresh décor. Wipe down tables and shelves with furniture polish and dust off picture frames and other decorative items.  This is a great time to exchange existing items with a fresh collection of spring and summer décor.  

Squeaky clean. Wash windows, inside and out. Remove the window screens and give them a good washing, too. Hose them off in the yard or wash them in the bathtub to get them ready for open window season.  Sweep and mop the floors, getting right into the corners. If you have hard floors, give them a good waxing for maximum sparkle. 

Weather wise. Remove cold weather apparel from the space and stow it away. Place umbrellas in a stand near the door, put out a dish for sunglasses, arrange rain boots on a rubber mat, and neatly organize any other items you’ll regularly need as you head out the door. You’ll be prepared for any unpredictable spring weather.

With your fresh spring entryway clean and organized, it’s time to throw open the front door and let the sunshine in!


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