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Packing for a Summer Getaway: 4 Tips to Keep You Organized

Packing for a summer vacation photo3The summer season is officially here and for many that means long weekend getaways and a flurry of travel plans. From spending time soaking in the sun on the ocean’s coast to traversing through the Grand Canyon, vacations are a time for relaxing, exploring, and making memories –not searching through suitcases and worrying if you left something behind. Consider these tips when packing for your next summer getaway and have a stress-free, organized trip.

  1. Prepare a packing station. Establish one area of your home for all your packing essentials. Passports, toiletries, personal care items, road maps, etc. can be placed in this area before packing so you can better visualize and take inventory of what you already have and what you need.
  2. Less is more. Lay out all the clothes and accessories you want to take with you. Now halve that number. We tend to over pack by envisioning scenario after scenario in which three extra outfits per day are needed, but in reality you can get away with much less on vacation. Make the most out of the clothing you take by packing outfits that can be easily layered and mixed. You’ll save room in your suitcase and still have plenty to wear.
  3. Leave the valuables at home. Precious valuables don’t belong on vacation, as handsome and well-loved as they may be. Small items have the tricky habit of getting lost while traveling and you don’t want to come home to find you left behind your grandmother’s pearls or the watch your children gave you on your birthday. If it’s too precious to lose, leave it in a safe place at home.
  4. Simplify your grooming routine. Hotels give you complementary mini-shampoos for a reason; to be used. Take advantage of their offerings, or purchase mini bottles of shampoo and shaving cream to save space instead of trying to fit large bottles into an already-full suitcase. Look for products that can perform double duty, like shampoo/conditioner combos and lotion that doubles for face and body. If you’re feeling carefree, ditch the hair gel and hairspray altogether! After all, isn’t vacation a time to let your hair down?

An organized plan for packing gives you more time and energy to enjoy the scenery and take in all the joys summer travel has to offer. What adventures do you have planned for this summer?

Happy travels!