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Three Questions for Better Time Management

Today’s post is by guest blogger Molly Gold, organization expert and president of GO MOM!® Inc.

February is National Time Management Month, and when it comes to getting organized, there’s no better time like the present to consider how the two go hand in hand.  Truth be told, time management is where real organization begins… so if you have dreams of well organized spaces, take a step back and evaluate how you spend your time.  Here are three questions that will point you in the right direction:

Does your schedule reflect your priorities?

Better Time ManagementDo you have a list of priorities?  Maybe you call them commitments, but not all of us actually write that list down.  Instead, most of us instinctively make choices about spending our time in ways that reflect these priorities.  If you’re committed to living a healthy life, your schedule includes time to work out regularly.  If you’re committed to volunteering, your schedule includes those activities and events.  But it’s juggling our commitments to our families and their varying needs that can impact our commitment to living in organized spaces.  Update your priority list to include weekly time spent organizing the spaces in your home that need you most.  You’ll love the result so much that you’ll have no trouble following through with each project you do.

Do you stay focused on the task at hand?

While most will say it’s a fact of life, multi-tasking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Our overly-digitized world makes it hard to stay engaged in a single activity without thinking about the next update, or the multiple places we need to check in.  Productivity is directly tied to our ability to focus on and finish what we start.  So when it comes to organized spaces, choose just one at a time and get the job done.  Use a disciplined sorting process that designates items “Keep”, “Donate” and “Trash”.  You can purge the “Trash” items immediately, schedule time to deliver the “Donate” items, and then focus completely on placing the “Keep” items back into a beautifully organized space.

Are you happy?

I know it’s a big question, but really listen to that little daily voice that tells you how things are going.  Feeling anxious as you navigate your mornings and evenings? Maybe it’s time to revisit your process and make sure your kitchen and entryway spaces work hard to keep you all on track.  Feeling flustered during homework time, or as you leave work late for your child’s game?  Maybe it’s time to create or revisit your family communication center to make sure your tools work intuitively with how you think. A family communication center should naturally encourage you to share the details while teaching time management to your family. These organization hot spots deserve your attention because they set your foundation for having good days. Listen to your gut ~ it never steers you wrong ~ and if the answer to “Are you happy?” is “Not so much,” then change what causes you stress so you can make room for “happy” to rule.

For more than 13 years, Molly Gold has worked in the mom market as an Integrated Media Lifestyle Expert and Spokesperson in home organization and family time management. Truly the Mom-Next-Door, her sphere of influence reaches tens of thousands of moms monthly via her website, social media outlets, and select partnerships with key brands. A creative video blogger and parent-focused media columnist, her projects include Mabel’s Labels™, EasyClosets™, Real Simple with Samsung Appliances, Walt Disney World® Parks and Resorts, Build-A-Bear Workshop®, Honda®, Tide®, Baby Center®, Scholastic Parent & Child®, Primrose Schools®, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fine Living Network, Kenmore®, and MomTV.