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Minimalism in the Home: 3 Tips to Downsize Without Drastic Measures

These days, minimalism is the hot topic in home design. Minimalism is all about removing the excess in our homes and living with only the necessary elements. But for many of us, the images that come to mind when we think of minimalism (empty shelves, stark white walls, and bare floors) don’t seem easily attainable, or even enjoyable! Minimalism sounds great in theory – who wouldn’t love less of the stress created by clutter?  However, it can sound unrealistic when applied in our own homes.

Your home doesn't have to look like this to embrace minimalism!

Your home doesn’t have to look like this to embrace minimalism!

Luckily, there are ways to incorporate the best that minimalism has to offer in our everyday lives without sacrificing the warm, personal touches that make a house a home. Here are three ways to incorporate a “less is best” minimalist mindset into your home without purging everything you love:

  1. Take it room by room. Trying to take on the process of downsizing an entire house can be overwhelming. Instead, take your time and go room by room. Set aside time every week to go through one room and de-clutter, then take some time away from the process to decompress and refocus. By focusing on just one room at a time, you won’t get burned out or overwhelmed by the minimalist process. You’ll also keep yourself from going overboard and getting rid of too many things at once. Take your time and minimize with purpose.
  2. Separate the sentimental. Minimalism emphasizes keeping only what we need in our homes, but there’s no need to clear your home of everything personal and dear to our hearts.  Simply select the most cherished items to keep on display, and put away the ones you’ve kept out of sheer habit.  You can also rotate groups of items in and out of the space periodically. This way, treasured photos, heirlooms and reminders of your best adventures can still add to your décor and bring you joy without creating clutter.
  3. Reduce instead of remove.  Minimalism emphasizes the removal of excess, but sometimes a little excess can be fun, right? Instead of getting rid of all frivolous items, take a realistic approach to reducing them. You may not use every fancy cooking gadget in your kitchen very often, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping the tried and true, then donating the rest. The same goes for a favorite collection; if you’ve gone a bit overboard, keep the items that are most meaningful.  Making an effort to reduce the number while holding onto a small number of favorites will reduce clutter without completely eliminating every “fun” little item you enjoy.

Minimalism is a wonderful approach to organizing and is completely doable when applied in small, easy doses. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by a cluttered home, these tips will have you well on your way to creating organized, stress-free spaces.  It’s all about finding the level of simplicity at home that empowers you to live your best life!  

What areas of your home could use a minimalist approach? Tell us in the comments!