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A Master Closet Takeover with Audrey McClelland – Part 3

This post is a part of our ongoing 2013 Total Home Tour series.

Audrey of has taken us through her master closet/video studio renovation and her reasons for choosing a DIY solution. In our third and final installment of Audrey’s Master Closet Takeover, she talks about how her new space has positively impacted her work.

As a fashion and video blogger, it was essential to create a dedicated space to house her wardrobe, provide an inspiring work space, and serve as a backdrop for videos. Audrey wanted her videos to have a professional and polished background to best reflect her expertise as a fashion blogger. As Audrey’s home-based business continued to grow, it became all the more important to have a custom-tailored space.

Audrey’s story is one that many of us can relate to – your home should evolve as your life changes and grows. In Audrey’s case, her home evolved to better accommodate her business. Converting a spare bedroom into a combination master closet/work space empowers Audrey in both her home and work life; and she couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.

Thanks for joining us on this leg of our Total Home Tour! Stay tuned for more Total Home Tour posts to see how other families transformed their own spaces with EasyClosets!

2013 Total Home Tour