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The Many Uses of Slatwall

When the majority of floor space in a garage is taken up by a vehicle or two, you have to look to other spaces for storing lawn equipment, sports gear, tools, and more. Our favorite option for maximizing storage space in a garage? Slatwall! Slatwall is installed on the walls of your garage and the multiple hanging accessories available provide a wide array of storage options for all your items.

Here are a few ways you can use slatwall and slatwall accessories in your garage:

 The Many Uses of Slatwall

For frequently used items, a small hook can do the trick. When placed by the door, this accessory becomes the perfect spot for keys and dog leashes. Hang several within easy reach of your workbench for easy access to often-used wrenches and paintbrushes.

 The Many Uses of Slatwall

Biking is great exercise, but bikes aren’t exactly compact items. Luckily, slatwall accessories like the one shown allow you to hang your bikes on the wall to free up much-needed floor space.

The Many Uses of Slatwall

Make tools easier to find and access with this on-the-wall toolbox. You can easily see if any tools are missing and you won’t have to root around in a dark toolbox to find them when you need them!

 The Many Uses of Slatwall

Create your own mini gardening station by placing gardening gloves and seeds on hanging slatwall accessories. The one shown fits multiple bottles and cans -like bottles of gardeners’ hand cleaner and cans of garden pest spray for quick access.

 The Many Uses of Slatwall

Corral balls and other sports equipment in baskets so kids can find them when they need them. And because slatwall allows total customization, you can hang this basket lower on the slatwall so even younger children can reach their outdoor toys on those sunny summer days.

If you’re looking to add some organization to your garage, slatwall is a fantastic option that adds storage to a limited space and allows you to rearrange the accessories easily to fit your family’s changing needs!




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