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How to Keep Your Kids’ Rooms Clean with Organization

Keeping a child’s room organized can be difficult when they don’t want to participate in the cleaning process, but with the right tools, preserving tidiness doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. By implementing a few deliberate pieces of advice, keeping your kids’ spaces clean and organized will be a breeze. Make it easier (and more fun) to maintain order with these simple tips and tricks.


  1. Sort and remove. Sometimes, a kid’s room can become a storage room for old and seasonal items, such as sports equipment and off-season clothing. By removing these belongings from the room, keeping it clean becomes that much easier. Move sports equipment to the garage, store off-season clothing in bins in the attic and donate old items that are no longer needed.
  2. Organize from the right level. If you want your child to help keep a room organized, the best way is to make it easier for them by seeing the room through their eyes. Get down on their level and experience things the way they do. That means keeping belongings in reach by placing shelves, closet rods, bins and other storage units closer to the ground. Put frequently used items (like their favorite toys) near the bottom of the closet for easy access, while those used less often can go on higher shelves.
  3. Create a unique space. Once you find the right boxes, bins and shelving to store belongings, give your kids some hands-on fun by letting them decorate the containers. Use paint, labels and other craft items to allow them to give their storage units some personality. If they feel invested in their space, they’re more likely to keep it in order.
  4. Make it a game. Turn organizing into a source of pleasure, not punishment. Make putting things in order more fun by playing organizing games. Label drawers, cubbies and hangers with a mix of pictures and words and have the kids match the item they’re putting away with its accompanying label.

Managing the kids’ rooms shouldn’t be difficult, and with these simple tips, it isn’t!