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A Green Thumb’s Guide to Organizing the Gardening Shed

A Green Thumb’s Guide to Organizing the Gardening Shed

For gardeners, there’s no better feeling than rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands in the dirt. Those of us who love gardening and yard work know that a well-organized work area saves time and energy. When your gardening shed is beautifully organized, you’ll spend less time looking for lost tools and more time planting glorious greenery and flora in all colors of the rainbow! Here are our tips for making a gardening shed the organized oasis your green thumb deserves:

  • Errant hoses and ladders are tripping hazards when stored on the floor. A Green Thumb’s Guide to Organizing the Gardening ShedUse hooks to hang them up on the walls to ensure your safety and free up valuable floor space. 
  • Keep a calendar in a highly visible spot with your yard and garden to-do list so you can check off tasks as you complete them. You can also keep track of your planting and pruning schedule.
  • A potting bench is a practical addition to any gardening shed. Ample counter space gives you plenty of room to plant container gardens, even when it’s raining outside.
  • Place a basket or trug by the entryway to keep frequently used items like gardening gloves, pruners, and  kneelers right at hand. Keep bags of potting soil and fertilizer from getting soggy by storing them in cabinets that are up off the floor. If you have children or pets, tall cabinets also keep toxic items like fertilizer and pesticides safely out of their reach.

Now that your gardening shed is perfectly organized, it’s time to pull out your sun hat and gardening gloves and get growing