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A Garage and Laundry Makeover with Amy Lupold Bair – Part 2

This blog post is a part of our Total Home Tour series.

Last week we introduced you to Amy, founder of  Amy’s laundry room had enormous potential, but unfortunately, the builder-grade wire shelving system in the laundry room wasn’t doing the space any favors. The shelves didn’t provide much space for storage and were too high for Amy to reach without difficulty. Amy also disliked the visually cluttered appearance of exposed supplies on the shelves because of the laundry room’s visibility from her home’s foyer.

Amy worked with an EasyClosets designer to create a solution that would be organized, accessible, and visually appealing –and she certainly succeeded! The new laundry room system has ample space to organize supplies, and the inclusion of cabinets with doors means Amy can keep the laundry area looking streamlined and clean from the foyer.  The shelves can now be easily reached for an stress-free laundry process. The designer also included a hanging rod so Amy can drip-dry clothes and hang up freshly pressed laundry!

A Garage and Laundry Makeover: Part 2

Hear more about Amy’s laundry room transformation:

Thank you for tuning in to this edition of the Total Home Tour. We’ll have more from Amy soon!