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Entertain With an Organized Kitchen Pantry

Do you know the secret to stress-free entertaining? It’s simple: organization. When everything is in its place in your kitchen pantry you can see what you have which makes it easier to plan meals. In addition, less food goes to waste meaning fewer trips to the supermarket.

 White reach-in pantry

Consider these tips for a perfect pantry:

  • Know what you have before heading out the door. Extra trips to the store cost time, money, fuel and frustration. Organize pantry items for quick inventory by sorting by food type. Make sure to turn food labels outward and group items that are often used together.
  • Buy local. Stock your pantry with pull-out baskets to store and display fresh, local produce. Many goods like tomatoes and potatoes fare better outside of the fridge. Plus, local foods require fewer preservatives and are healthier since they get to your table sooner.
  • Let drawers do the work for you. Lighten the load in your kitchen and on your back by using shallow drawers to store small, but heavy, appliances. A blender, mixer, slow cooker, or food processor pulls out with ease at waste level requiring less lifting and making cooking and baking a bit easier.
  • Pack healthy snacks for hunger attacks. Designate a drawer, basket or shelf for kid-friendly healthy snacks. When hunger hits, they’ll know what they can have (in moderation, of course) without needing your help.