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Easy Tips to Tackle Clutter at Home

Today’s post is by guest blogger Molly Gold, organization expert and president of Go Mom!® Inc.

Clutter.  Is it a disorganized mess?  Is it a group of items that seem out of place? Or is it simply a general state of disorder where items are left not where they belong, but where they were last used?  This week is National Clutter Awareness Week, and there is no better time than the present to take a step back and evaluate your home, become more aware of clutter, and learn how to avoid its sneaky presence in your busy life.  Check out my top two indicators that it’s time to de-clutter, plus a few tips to make clutter-free living an organized habit.

Cluttered Surfaces

EasyClosets pantryWhen you live clutter-free, you can clearly see the surfaces in your home.  Think desktops, kitchen counters, bathroom vanity tops, and more.  If these surfaces are not clear of items that don’t belong there, then you have clutter and you need to get rid of the excess.  A great example is your kitchen counter.  Organization experts recommend that only small appliances used daily should have a home on the counter, such as a coffee maker or toaster.  Anything else, including cookbooks, serveware, and blenders, needs a home behind closed cabinet doors.  

Falling Behind Schedule

When you live clutter-free, you’re able to leave your home on time, ready to go with everything you need.  If a key component of running late in the morning is caused by fumbling for items like car keys, lunch money, or library books, you need to take a good look at your evening routine.  Make time every night to get yourself in order so you can have a smooth start the next day.  If your children have organizational challenges, re-evaluate their process to make sure it fits their needs.  Guide your child as they lay out clothes, review the next day’s activities, and pack lunches and backpacks for an organized, timely start.

Finding a Better Way

What’s the best way to de-clutter your home once you’re aware that clutter exists?  Create new routines that will keep it in check and give you peace of mind.

  • Make a list of the surfaces and spaces in your home containing items that don’t belong or make it difficult for you to leave on time.  
  • Carve out 30 minutes for each of those spaces; then tackle one per day until each is clutter-free.
  • Once you’ve de-cluttered, put a daily maintenance routine in place for hot spots like kitchen counters, desktops, and bathroom vanities.  At the end of each day, do a quick sweep of those key spaces to make sure everything is in its proper place. 
  • Have a “RETURN” basket handy for all items needing to be put away elsewhere. Have family members check the basket at the end of the day to claim any belongings that need to be returned to their rightful homes.

Awareness and maintenance of your home’s trouble-prone spaces is the key to a clutter-free life.

How do you keep the clutter in your home in check?

For more than 13 years, Molly Gold has worked in the mom market as an Integrated Media Lifestyle Expert and Spokesperson in home organization and family time management. Truly the Mom-Next-Door, her sphere of influence reaches tens of thousands of moms monthly via her website, social media outlets, and select partnerships with key brands. A creative video blogger and parent-focused media columnist, her projects include Mabel’s Labels™, EasyClosets™, Real Simple with Samsung Appliances, Walt Disney World® Parks and Resorts, Build-A-Bear Workshop®, Honda®, Tide®, Baby Center®, Scholastic Parent & Child®, Primrose Schools®, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fine Living Network, Kenmore®, and MomTV.