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A Basement Makeover with Vera Sweeney: Part 3

This post is a part of our Total Home Tour series

Vera Sweeney, founder of Lady and the Blog, knew she wanted to corral the chaos of her home’s basement and turn it into a relaxing family area, but she was less certain of how to utilize a small corner nook. Originally she thought it could be used for extra toy storage, but once the EasyClosets storage system was installed she was struck with another idea: office storage!

A Basement Makeover with Vera Sweeney: Part 3

Vera and her husband are the owners of several successful websites and work entirely out of their Staten Island home, but they lacked the necessary organization for their files and office supplies. Luckily, the corner nook proved to be the perfect spot for all their business essentials.

Hear more about how Vera keeps her business running with an organized supply area:

Thanks for joining us for Vera’s installments of the Total Home Tour. We’ll have more soon!

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