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A Basement Makeover with Vera Sweeney: Part 2

This post is a part of our Total Home Tour series.

In our previous post about her basement makeover, Lady and the Blog founder Vera Sweeney described her basement as  a “bomb” of toys, office supplies, and everything else her family didn’t have room for in the rest of their house. Along with creating organization amidst the chaos, Vera also wanted to create a relaxed space for her family to watch movies, play games, and spend time together. With these goals in mind, she turned to the EasyClosets design team to help her create a wall storage unit that would act as the focal point of the basement family room.

A Basement Makeover with Vera Sweeney

Toys, DVDs, board games, books, and more are now neatly organized in a cozy, relaxed area that’s perfect for family fun. Hear more about how Vera transformed this once underused space into a family-friendly den:

Thanks for tuning in –we’ll have more from Vera and the Total Home Tour soon!

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